Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

James and Gwendline Lopresto to David and Cheryl McAdam, lots 80-81, Beverly Hills Addition (survivorship).

Lavapies LLC to Jeffrey Schuetz, lots 147-149, Walkers Second.

Jamie Easton to James Easton Jr., metes, Island Creek Township.

James and Cathy Kuruc to James Kuruc, metes, Island Creek Township.

James Kuruc to Cathy Kuruc, metes, Salem Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Jefferson County Land Reuitilization Corp., part lot 22, Watson & Thomasson; part lot 41, Original Brilliant; lot 27, Lincoln Terrace; lots 1-2, Jenkins Addition; lots 39-40, Evamaria; lots 78-79, Original Irondale; part lot 16, George Henry’s First; 0.2094 acre, Mount Pleasant Township; lot 49, Connell’s; and lot 8, Original Empire.

William and Cassandra Walsh to Matthew Coakley and Holly D’Andrea, lot 464, Labelle View (survivorship).

Bobby McCourt (deceased) to Constance McCourt, lots 35-39, 56-58 and part lots 34 and 59, Hammondsville; lot 60, Sexton’s; and metes, Saline Township.

Jeffrey and Pamela Shimon to John and Tammy Campbell, part lot 174, Country Club Hills (survivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Huntington National Bank, lot 262, Manhattan.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Deutsche Bank, part lots 103-104, Lincoln Terrace.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Fannie Mae, 0.153 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Grace Wells (deceased) to Ellen Delawder, 32.474 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Federal National Mortgage Association to James Wayt, lot 11 and part lot 10, Dorian Heights.

Francesca Zamana (deceased) to Anglea Younce and others, lot 43, Dixon Heights.

Julie and Michael Conlon to Mia Stubbs, lot 224, Country Club Estates.

Virgil Davidson (deceased) to Mary Davidson, lots 5-6, Altamont.

Mary Davidson (deceased) to Dwaine Davidson and others, lots 5-6, Altamont.

Strip Steel Community Federal Credit Union to Icuss Realty LLC, lot 264, Country Club Estates.

Carmella Wheaton (deceased) to Nancy Hanlon, part lot 98, McKees Third.

Nancy and Harold Hanlon to Robert and Kelly Lamantia, part lot 98, McKee’s Third (survivorship).

Capgrow LLC to Stephen and Christina Gundrum Jr., 0.2472 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Judith Ferry (deceased) to Gwen Ferry and others, lot 81, Original Irondale.

Glen Ferry and others to Bridget Lease, lot 81, Original Irondale.

Kim Boyer to Bridget Lease, lot 81, Original Irondale.

Shariene Jeter to Coyet Jeter Jr., lot 9, Orchard Place.

Janet Rhoades to Helen Torres, part lot 2, Dorrance.

James and Kathy Cesario Jr. to Arnold Trouten, 1.04 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Nicholas Butler (deceased) to Tyler Butler, part lot 8, Saltsman.

Carol Scott to Real Estate Services Rentals, lot 9, Banfield Improvement.

Fetheringham Realty Inc. to Bowers Landscape Design LLC, lots 4-5 and part lot 6, Joshua Moores.

Lucinda Flint to Robert Flint, 24.226 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Terry and Lucinda Barcus Jr. to Terry Barcus Jr., 14,583 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Terry Barcus Jr. and others to Gene and Teresa Cozart, 33.016 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Mark and Michele Vukelic to Levej Properties Inc., lots 10-11, Country Club Development.