Realtors learn about meth labs

NEW LEADERS — The Weirton Board of Realtors has elected new officers. They are, from left, Executive Officer Sally Greathouse, Treasurer Tricia Howard, Director Lisa Hensley, Vice President Sonia Ciafardone, President Kristine Roberts, Directors Joann Shorac and Angela Mazur and State Executive Board member Glenna Swiger, who administered oaths to them. -- Contributed

WEIRTON — To inform their members of the dangers of meth labs, the Weirton Board of Realtors arranged for West Virginia State Police Cpl. Rob McMahon to speak to the group.

McMahon brought a sampling of materials used by meth producers to create the drug and described scents and sights common to meth labs.

“We go into unfamiliar houses every day and don’t really know what to expect,” said Miriam Solomon of Harvey Goodman Realtors. “Any advice we can get to keep us safe is appreciated.”

Sally Greathouse, board executive officer, invited Cpl. McMahon, noting the topic is timely with a meth lab explosion reported in the Weirton area recently.

Not only is the risk of explosion a concern, but the chemicals used in manufacturing meth can be toxic, Homes contaminated with them must be professionally cleaned or completely destroyed.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, “Methamphetamine production poses serious safety concerns in West Virginia. The production process involves the use of volatile chemicals and creates toxic and hazardous waste. Methamphetamine laboratories create 5 to 6 pounds of toxic waste for every pound of methamphetamine produced. Cleanup of a single laboratory site can range from $5,000 to $60,000.”

The Weirton Board of Realtors meets on the second Thursday of each month to discuss the needs of Realtors and how to best serve the public.

Newly elected officers for 2018 besides Greathouse are President Kristine Roberts, Vice President Sonia Ciafardone, Treasurer Tricia Howard and directors Lisa Hensley, Angela Mazur and Joann Shorac.

The officers were administered oaths by State Executive Board member Glenna Swiger.

Each year the group makes a donation to a charity.

This year’s recipient, A Child’s Place Court Appointed Special Advocates, received $600 from the Realtors.