Clorox 360 system at Apollo attacks flu season, beyond


Staff writer

WINTERSVILLE — The length and strength of this winter’s flu season can be fought.

Those in the medical community will say to follow basic advice: Wash your hands often and avoid crowds if possible.

But it’s not possible in every facility, and for every person to avoid crowds.

That’s where the Clorox Total 360 system can be a mainline tool in the fight against not only the flu but other bacteria-borne illnesses.

Thad Schrickel of Apollo Pro Cleaning and Restoration said, “Anyone can benefit, but especially schools, athletic facilities, medical facilities, daycare facilities — really anywhere where there are large groups or high-touch, high-traffic areas.”

The system works with a compressed-air powered sprayer that emits a mist that is negatively charged and will stick to visible surfaces as well as underneath shelves and chairs and tables, anywhere that germs and bacteria can be.

“We hope to keep more people healthy and eliminate all those missed days by students and employees,” Schrickel said.

Len Reynolds of Apollo added, “It’s bringing cutting-edge technology into our area.”

A crew from Apollo can spray a large area using the compressed-air sprayer and, within five minutes, the room is ready to use, with no fog or residue left behind.

“The force of the negative charge is greater than gravity,” Schrickel said. “Imagine what happens when you rub a balloon on yourself and then stick it to something. That’s what the negative particles can do.”

“Or, like a dryer sheet that sticks to your pants,” Reynolds added. “It doesn’t miss any areas. It’s 360-degree coverage.”

The micro-fine spray can kill as many as 20 organisms, including MRSA and norovirus.

“Our crews can spray an 18,000 square-foot room in less than an hour and with minimal downtime, people can re-enter within about five minutes of them being done. There is no smell or fog,” he said.

To receive a free estimate for service from the system, call Apollo at (740) 264-6400.