Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Vance Sutton (deceased) to Mary Sutton, lot 17, Green Acres.

Mark Decker (deceased) to Julie Decker, 2.0696 acres, Island Creek Township.

Manna Investments to Dwain and Melissa Zink, lot 27, Green Acres.

Joann Moore to Ralph Moore, lot 13, Green Valley Estates No. 1.

Rafael Smith to Kelly Bishop, part lot 4, Henry Carl’s First.

Fannie Mae to Benjamin Bowers, 0.1722 acre, Cross Creek Township; and lots 123-124, Longvue.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Wells Township Haunted House Inc., lots 6768, Riverview Terrace.

Jean Thompson to Donald and Ronald Thompson, 148.56 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

James Spurrier (deceased) to Dorothy Spurrier, metes, Wayne Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Vanessa Moyer, part lot 56, Labelle View Land Co.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Mark Shell, lots 18-19, Lake Austin Development.

Aaron and Abigail Rugg to Donna Hutmacher, 5.356 acres, Ross Township.

Dona and Harold Rairigh to John Rairigh, lot 13, Skyview.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to G&M Smith Family LLC, 1.84 acres, Island Creek Township; 0.554 acre, Springfield Township; 0.29 acre, Wayne Township; 0.268 acre, Brush Creek Township; 0.46 acre and 0.46 acre, Salem Township; and 1.156 acres, Island Creek Township

Jeffrey and Ona Wszeborowski to William and Catherine Samuel, 0.516 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Carl and Laraine Smith to Lucas Powell, part tract 22, Buena Vista Heights.

Elida Petrella-Yocum and others to Elida Petrella and others, lot 4, Westwood Estates (survivorship).

Ronald Hamilton Sr. (deceased) to Janet Hamilton, 12,254 square feet, 43.825 acres and 118.489 acres, Smithfield Township.

A. Michael and Debra Lincoff to John and Frances Kincaid, lot 15, Lawson Estates (survivorship).

Carolyn Swearengen (deceased) to James Swearengen and L’Tanya Swearengen, 0.089 acre, Steubenville Township.

Ocwen Loan Services LLC to Housing and Urban Development, 0.91 acre, Knox Township.

Ralph Hamilton to Kirk and Christy Kelley, 1 acre, Wayne Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Lonestar 742 Enterprises LLC, 1.5 acres, Wells-Warren Township; and 0.582 acre, Warren Township.

Pamela Blancato to Richard Blancato and Michael Blancato, lots 33-34,36-38, Lake Austin.

Rose Capobianco to Andy DiPalma, lots 10-11, Belmont Heights.

Lois Clark to Lisa Rowan, metes, Springfield Township.

Eleanor Cain (deceased) to Crystal Cain, 0.12 acre, Steubenville Township.

Evelynee Aleksiejczyk and others to Ramon Balltetchet, lot 80, Manhattan.

Marlene Niehaus and others to Donald Mossor Jr., lot 47, Hiland Estates.

Timothy Granatir, trustee, to Jacqueline Santos, 0.087 acre, Steubenville Township.

George Medich (deceased) to Stella Medich, lot 288 and part lot 289, Country Club Estates.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Scott and Christy Renforth, part lots 8-9, Saltsman Addition (survivorship).

Eleanor Cross (deceased) to Laurence Cross, 5.108 acres, Smithfield Township.

Laurence Cross to Penny and Richard Warren, 5.108 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Elmer Starr (deceased) to Phyllis Starr, lots 7-8, Hunter’s First.

Donna Suder to Robert Suder, 1.419 acres, Island Creek Township.

David Barcus (deceased) to John Barcus and Michael Barcus, 3 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Ronald Suder (deceased) to Donna Suder, lots 1-3 and 9-10 and part lot 11, Willow Bank Farm Subdivision; and metes, Island Creek Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Todd and Joni Greene, lot 9, Homewood Park (survivorship).

Alice Collins to Harold and Veronica Leake, lot 66, Manley & Garrett Third.

Kathryn Oxley to Joseph and Julie Marko, metes, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

US Bank to Foreboxusd LLC, lot 18, Carnegie Court.

Paul and Eliza Symington to Scott and Lindsey Law II, metes, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Shawn and Valerie Irwin, lot 2, RB Stewart’s Heirs First.