‘Made in USA’ Gifts still available in Ohio Valley

USA-MADE — Mike Yeso, owner of Deluxe Toys & Hobby in Martins Ferry, shows his 4-year-old grandson, Matty Kendall, how to play with a Slinky, one of the many USA-made toys at the shop. -- Shelley Hanson

MARTINS FERRY — For those looking to support their fellow American workers this holiday season, there still are plenty of American-made gifts to be purchased.

Buying such items is easier than one may think. It just takes a little effort — looking at the item’s label to see where it was made.

Even at discount stores one can find USA-made items in a sea of goods marked, “Made in China.” For example, glass drinkware can be found on shelves of the Dollar Tree store in Bellaire that was made by the Libby company in the USA.

Some of the store’s colorful paper plates and plasticware used for parties also were made in the USA. They were situated next to plastic plates made in China.

For those looking for something more colorful to give, one can purchase dinnerware made not just in the USA but right here in the Ohio Valley. Homer Laughlin China Co.’s Fiesta dinnerware, made in Newell, can be found at department stores across the nation.

Locally, stores such as Kohl’s at the Highlands carry Fiesta, along with Macy’s at the Ohio Valley Mall in St. Clairsville. If up for a drive, one can even visit the Homer Laughlin factory outlet in Newell to purchase Fiesta or one of the company’s many other dinnerware products made there.

And while some may find it hard to believe, there still are toys that are “Made in the USA.” Just ask the folks at Deluxe Toys & Hobby in Martins Ferry. Deluxe owner Mike Yeso said some of the toys made in America include Step 2, Little Tykes, Green Toys, some Lionel trains and more.

“Who wouldn’t want to buy American? Who wouldn’t want to buy things that are made here in our country? They’re giving the benefits to American workers. We’ve always tried to get as many things made in the USA as we can,” Yeso said.

“We’ve been in business a long time, and we’ve seen all of these companies that were previously toys made in the United States move overseas,” Yeso continued. “Now a lot of them are making a comeback. And there’s a lot of small off-shoot companies that are … trying to stay here with production in the United States. There’s a lot of companies still making toys here, and we support them wholeheartedly.”