Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Michael and Carrie Finegan to Terri and Donald Zeigler, 28.236 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Patricia Rudy (deceased) to Karol Rudy, lots 12-13, Speakers Second.

Thomas Murphy (deceased) to Mary Murphy, lot 17, McCoy & McMillers; and 10.261 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Rita and Jerome Carubia to Matthew and Kayla Shreve, lots 11-12, Sunrise Terrace Allotment 2.

Lee Vandeborne to Susan Young, lot 67, John Spahn’s Third.

Janie Denoon Trust to Jenna Porter, metes, Springfield Township.

William and Dru Hoyt to Mill Run Rental Properties LLC, lot 375, Labelleview.

Myers Campbell to Guy Mason, 0.046832 acre, Steubenville Township.

Perry and Stacy Malesick to Michael and Kylee Paris, lots 107-109, Crestview Manor Third (survivorship).

Roger and Connie Carpenter to Bruce and Pamela Brown, part lot 2, Mellwood Acres (survivorship).

Thomas Liggins to LaDonna Liggins, lot 2, Buchan Addition.

Bickerstaff Property LLC to Jeffery Walker, part lot 18, Ambrose Shaw Heirs.

Valerie Whinchell, doing business as Project Bravo, to Lavel Hicks, part lot 9, Beall & Steele.

Brian Maguire (deceased) to Karen Maguire, lot 50, Jefferson Heights.

Louie and Jeanne Kosegi to Steven and Bonnie Sferrella, lot 30 and part lot 31, Marie Dale proposed (survivorship).

Peggy Mitchell (decease) to James Mitchell and others, 0.5 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Mary Jennison to Robert LaCross, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Theresa and Ernest Ross to Robert LaCross, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to John and Emal Westling, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Helen Pesta to Todd Scott, 0.3156 acre, Steubenville Township.

Lenore and Robert Calabrese to David Coen, lot 11, George Yurjevic’s Subdivision.

James and Betty Hodgkiss to Ralph Taylor Jr., 0.972 acre, Island Creek Township.

Cody and Janet Calhoun to Shane and Sarah Rule, lots 73 and 75, Original Mount Pleasant (survivorship).

Margaret Byers (deceased) to Thomas Byers Jr. and Brandon Byers, 0.188 acre, Knox Township.

JD Home Management LLC to Christina Frazee, lots 29 and 58, Skyview.

Donald Thorn Jr. to Zane Roe, part lot 21 and lot 22, WC Brown’s Addition.

Ralph and Sherry Kimble to Barbara Reynolds, metes, Steubenville Township.

James Reed (deceased) to Jennifer Ruble, metes, Cross Creek Township; and metes, Steubenville Township.

Stephen Boyce (deceased) to Tonja Boyce, 1.186 acres, Salem Township; 43.83 acre, Wayne Township; and metes, Island Creek Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Empiria Homes Inc., lot 71, Jefferson Saltsmans Fourth.

Capstone Development Group LLC to Eastern Ohio Housing Development Corp., lot 14, Grandview Estates.

Patricia Lacross to Paul and Wanda Knox, part lot 29, Smith’s Addition (survivorship).

Maria and Jose Silva to Maria and Matthew Williams, 0.23 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Terri and John Falasca to Earl Pearce Jr. and Sharon Coleman, metes, Salem Township.

Marsha and Henry Kimble to Robert LaCross, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Daniel LaCross to Robert LaCross, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

David and Margaret LaCross to Robert LaCross, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Douglas and Sheryl LaCross to Robert LaCross, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Barbara LaCross to Robert LaCross, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Land of Jefferson LLC to Sherry Property LLC, 3.824 acres and 3.618 acres, Wayne Township.

Huberta Mining Co. to GAL Steubenville LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township; and lots 38-39, Country Club Village.

Timothy Wszeborowski (deceased) to Beverly Jackson, 3.668 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Towd Point Mortgage Trust to Robert and Connie Musgrave, lots 368-369 and part lot 370, Labelleview.

Richmond Mills Inc. to C. William Marina LLC, 6.7419 acres, Island Creek Township.

Sharon Kinemond to Jennifer Czernecki and James Petrides, lots 22-23, Rolling Acres (survivorship).

Norman Allen Sr. (deceased) to Marie Allen, lot 11, JJ Ekey Addition.

Marie Allen to Thomas and Tondra Byers Jr., lot 11, JJ Ekey Addition (survivorship).

US Bank to Peter and Tracy Gulczynski, lot 11, James Myers Second.

Mark and Mary Kimble to Shenggiu Dong, lot 32, Parkdale.

Fannie Mae to Ryan Tuttle, lot 301, Dixon Heights No. 2.

Sandra Rawson (deceased) to Jeffery Rawson, lot 35, Section C Dan Lynn.

Albert Vittro (deceased) to Nila Vittro, 0.298 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Priority Communications Ohio LLC to Ohio Midland Newsgroup LLC, 10.8045 acres, Smithfield Township; and 15 acres, Island Creek Township.

Madeline Michael and James Boulson to Valerie Gubanez, 0.247 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Tammy Hammer to Nicole Petrella, lot 132, Overlook Hills.

Bressler Investment & Development to Petrella Enterprises LLC, part lots 4-5, Linduff Estates.

Lenora and Robert Calabrese to Mary C. Smith, Unit 4334, Steeple Chase.

Michael and Jill Howard to Joshua Eckenrode and Jaison Eckenrode, 12.533 acres, Salem Township.

Gloria and Robert Busana to Robert Bottegal, lot 192, Buena Vista Heights.