Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Aaron and Joanna Stevens to Michael Gary, part lots 3-5, Poplar Springs Addition Pleasant Heights.

Robert and Christina Frazee to JD Home Management LLC, lot 69, Longvue.

Susan Simpson to Ralph and Tracy Anders, 0.39 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

JD Home Management LLC to Cassandra Seth and Stephanie Loy, lot 155, Country Club Estates (survivorship).

Christina and Robert Frazee to JD Home Management LLC, lot 16, Keagler Estates.

Lance and Allison Lucarelli to Tyler Kuhn-Celani and Caroline Schooler, 1.016 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Francis Mancano (deceased) to Christine Mancano, lot 4, Midler’s.

Buster and Tiffany Bowman II to Christina Tipton and Mark Howder, lot 10, Wrenn Wood Estates.

Matthew Rairigh and others to Michael Norton Jr., lot 6 and part lots 7-9, WC Browns Addition.

Emily Menendez to Brandon Mase, lot 73, Robert S. Hill Subdivision.

Helen Griffith (deceased) to Richard Griffith and others, 1 acre, Springfield Township.

Josephine Lisle (deceased) Jennifer Barker and others, 1 acre, Springfield Township.

Thomas and Sondra Byers Jr. to Tyler Antinone, 0.91 acre, Knox Township.

Joi Cadile and Thomas Kough to Kristine Byers, 2.226 acres, Salem Township.

Clara and Gabriele Recinella to Thomas Vincent, part lot 162, Original Steubenville.

Antoinette Galownia to Mary Jo Lorenzi, lots 46-47 and part lot 48, Beverly Hills Seventh.

Ethel Wedlake (deceased) to Alfred Wedlake, lots 7-8, Steubenville Pottery First.

Vincent and Grace Fristick Sr. (both deceased) to Vincent Fristick Jr. and others, lots 38-39, Sunrise Terrace Addition.

Vincent Fristick Jr. and others to Michael Burch, lots 38-39, Sunrise Terrace Addition.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp., lot 13, Original Mingo Junction; 0.358 acre, Salem Township; lots 31-32, Dorrance First; and 0.71 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Joy and Robert Siers to Aaron and Jennifer Ruble, lot 36 and part lot 35, Walton Acres (survivorship).

John Ramer to Jeffrey Lindsay, lot 1, McCauslen.

Thomas and Madelyn Hill to Cory and Julia Keeder, 112.5802 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

Matthew and Juli Coe to James and Kathy Cesario, part lot 49, Original Tiltonsville (survivorship).

Sherman Keystone Trust to Christopher Conn, metes, Salem Township.

Shawn Latynski to David Jones II, 1 acre, Brush Creek Township.

Patricia Lamantia and others to Ryan and Sarah Lamantia, lot 1, Banfield Improvement Co. Plan.

Jana Fisher to Patrick and Ashlee Stine, part lots 8-9, Original Empire (survivorship).

Eleanor Williams (deceased) to Christopher Williams, lot 4, Richards & Welday’s.

Kenneth Johnson (deceased) to Vincent Tate, lot 12, Parr’s Second; and lot 15, Butte Beverly Hills.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Wells Fargo Bank, inlot 32, East Springfield,

Sheriff of Jefferson County to JP Morgan Chase Bank, metes, Mount Pleasant Township.