A new generation joins Anile Pharmacy

ANILE’S PHARMACY — Standing in Anile’s Pharmacy located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Weirton are three generations of pharmacists in the Anile family. They are, from left, Diana Anile-Sikora, Lewis J. Anile, Jessica Jamison and Jeff Anile.

WEIRTON — The pharmacy business has changed a great deal in the last 60 years, according to Lewis J. Anile, who started Anile Pharmacy in 1959.

Through it all, the business has endeavored to make sure its customers felt like family, beginning with him and continuing with his children. Now a new generation has joined the family business, hoping to continue that tradition while serving the people of the Ohio Valley.

Jessica Jamison recently came on board, joining her mother, Diana Anile Sikora, and uncle, Jeffrey Anile, and the rest of the Anile Pharmacy staff.

Jamison earned her doctor of pharmacy degree from West Virginia University and is certified in medication therapy management, immunizations, point-of-care testing, tobacco treatment and diabetes care.

“It’s neat to keep the family tradition,” she said, adding Anile Pharmacy continues to provide a hometown feeling for its customers, many of whom have been coming there since it first opened.

According to Lewis Anile, it’s the hometown service that has remained constant despite all the changes in medicine and technology.

When he first started Anile Pharmacy, medications were crafted for each particular patient, based on their health history and needs.

“Prescriptions were more or less written for a particular patient,” Anile said, noting most medications today are ready-made.

Health insurance also wasn’t an issue, with customers setting up charge accounts to help pay for their medications.

“Today, it’s all credit cards,” Sikora said.

The relationship between pharmacies and doctors also has changed, Anile said.

“You built up a close relationship,” he said, noting it would benefit the patients to have good communication and cooperation.

Sikora said most prescriptions these days come through fax or e-mail.

Today, pharmacists also take the extra steps to work with patients, providing counseling on the effects of the prescription and proper dosage.

“It’s a lot of medication therapy and treatment,” Jamison said.

In addition to traditional pharmacy services, Anile Pharmacy also works with area nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Anile Pharmacy is located at 2413 Pennsylvania Ave. and can be contacted at (304) 723-1818.