Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Joseph and Nicole Geary to Joseph and Ashely Davis, lot 132, Sunset Gardens No. 2.

Chad and Brianne McDonald to Rover Pipeline LLC, metes, Knox Township.

Real Property Relief LLC to Eastern Ohio Housing Development Corp., 2.0283 acres, Cross Creek Township.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania to Lee Pownall, lot 74, Overlook Hills.

Christopher Nestor to AG Porter Properties LLC, 7,500 square feet, Warren Township.

John and Nancy Marra to Carole Cordray-Syracuse, part lot 8, Dike & Wilson Addition.

Christopher Young to Dezaray McCartney, 1.116 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Aaron and Andrea Brown to Renae Hazeleton, 2.4134 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Roxanne Wallace (deceased) to Deanna Thompson and Travis Wallace, 1.56 acres, Knox Township.

Hazel Homol (deceased) to Johnny Homol and others, 55.5116 acres, Wayne Township.

Charles Andres (deceased) to Marguerite Andres, metes, Island Creek Township.

Alex Gavorcik to Dane Rowe and Bryan Eicher, 10.794 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Arthur and Rathleen Giannamore to Michael Jordan, lot 53, George Henry’s Second.

Michael Jordan to Ohio Building & Loan Co. LLC, lot 53, George Henry’s Second.

Kenneth Swiger (deceased) to Angelo Pipo, 0.633 acre and metes, Island Creek Township.

Rose Dicesare to Marie Thomas, 0.34 acre, Steubenville Township.

Fort Steuben Bowl Inc. to Milestone Investments Property Limited, 1.781 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Richard and Jane Humienny to Patsy Lipinski, 2.407 acres, Knox Township.

George and Mikilynn Cook to Mikilynn Cook, 0.3525 acre, Steubenville Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Jefferson County Land Reuitilization Corp., lot 3, Watson & Thompson Second; part lots 83, 85 and 100, Original Smithfield; and part lot 222, Original Steubenville.

Myra Dunfee to Richard Blair, lot 66, Hillsborough.

Nancy and Charles Tilton to Burhl Talbott, lot 4, Henry Myers Addition.

Brian Maguire to Karen Maguire, lot 49, Jefferson Heights.

Donna Reece to Gary Reece, metes, Springfield Township.

Robert Wymer (deceased) to Dorothy Wymer, lot 32, Frank McClains First unrecorded; and part lot 25, Banfield Improvement.

Jeffrey Kreps (deceased) to Carol Kreps, 4.0127 acres, Ross Township.

Leonard Orwick to Mark Rogers, metes, Salem Township.

Mark and Rikki Jo Pittman to Jacob Thompson, metes, Island Creek Township.

American National Red Cross to Jefferson County Humane Society, part lot 11 and lot 2, West Park.

Dorothy and Howard Carpenter to Roger Kaiser, part lot 48 and lots 49-50, Langfitts.

Harbour Portfolio VIII LP to Headlands Asset Management Fund III LP, 0.093642 acre, Island Creek Township.

Viola Carpenter-Urbania and Kenneth Urbania to Thomas Wetzel, 1.463 acres, Smithfield Township.

Karen Gretchen to Kris George and Kimberly Wiley, 0.436 acre, Smithfield Township.

Jacqueline Larue (deceased) to Raymond Larue, 10 acres and 27.75482 acres, Island Creek Township.

Gabrielle and Clara Recinella to Clara Recinella, metes, Island Creek Township.

Frank Berardi (deceased) to Dorothy Berardi, lot 62, Country Club Hills.

Jefferson County Land Reuitilization Corp. to Diana Crawford, part lots 12 and 14, Original Smithfield.

Priority Communications Ohio LLC to Jay Philippone, 10.8045 acres, Smithfield Township.