Game Shack moves to Follansbee

Will Poling, manager of the Game Shack in Follansbee, and his father Steve, shop owner; stock a variety of games to appeal to players of various ages and interests and hundreds of new comic books and graphic novels, including Marvel, DC, independents and Manga. — Warren Scott

FOLLANSBEE — From fantasy-based card games to games inspired by historical events to games designed to help preschoolers hone their motor skills, the Game Shack at 866 Main St. offers an assortment of games for all ages and interests, said Will Poling, its manager.

Open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays, the store has moved from its previous location on Charles Street, Wellsburg, to the present site on state Route 2 because it offers more space for an assortment of card, tabletop and other games, comics and graphic novels and related merchandise.

Poling said Magic: The Gathering, Yugioh, Pokemon and Betrayal of the House on the Hill are among the most popular games at the store, but there are others, including games inspired by NASCAR, the Civil War and “The Godfather.”

Two games revolve around trains. “Ticket to Ride” involves taking a long journey by train, while “Colt Express” involves a train robbery.

“Games aren’t like they used to be, where you just roll a dice and move around the board,” he said, adding that some challenge players to apply strategic skills while others help younger players to develop math or reading skills.

Poling added patrons may try out a number of games at the store. He added now and then makers of various games visit the store to demonstrate their newest creation.

The store also buys and trades new game cards in good condition.

The Game Shack also stocks hundreds of new comics, including the latest releases from Marvel, DC, many independent publishers and Manga, Japanese comics that often are harder to find in the Ohio Valley.

Poling said while many associate comics with superheroes, there also are many comics in other genres.

He noted “The Walking Dead,” “Preacher” and “Wynona Earp” are among television shows based on comics.

Steve Poling, Will’s father and store owner, said Will is knowledgeable about games and comics and able to help newcomers to make a selection suited to their tastes.

Steve said the Game Shack also is a popular place for gamers to get together, with as many as 30 turning out on some Saturday evenings, to play Dungeon and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon.

“We have a lot of pickup games,” he said. “We’re trying to be more than just a (game) card shop.”

In addition to stopping by the Game Shack, those interested in learning more about the shop may visit its Facebook page at The Game Shack WV.

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