Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Nivram LLC to Chance Brown, 0.515 acre, Springfield Township.

Joseph Elias (deceased) to Deborah Elias, 17.212 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Land of Jefferson LLC to Jefferson Gas Gathering Co. LLC, 0.95 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Kimberly Busana (deceased) to Robert Busana and Gloria Busana, lots 1-3, Castner Heights No. 1; and metes, Island Creek Township.

Mary Waugh and others to Georgianna Striffler, part lot 44, Lake Park.

Frank Berardi (deceased) to Dorothy Berardi, 0.2044 acre, Island Creek Township.

Dorothy Berardi to Petrella Enterprises LLC, 0.2044 acres, Island Creek Township.

Thomas and Helen Forcone to Jim Elia, 0.495 acre, Island Creek Township.

Russell Whittaker (deceased) to Debbie Whittaker, part lots 16 and 18, Original Mount Pleasant.

Ronald and Melissa Delatore to Ricky Matthews, lot 63, Stuart Manor.

Timothy and Renita Belardine to Kevin and Grace Kruise, lot 94, Spahn’s First (survivorship).

Marian Hunter (deceased) to John Hunter, part lot 28 and lot 29, Banfield Improvement.

John Hunter to Debora Hunter, part lot 28 and lot 29, Banfield Improvement.

Ronald Miro (deceased) to Peggy Miro, 0.33 acre, Wayne Township.

Jerry and Ann Smolynski to Alaina Palmer, part lot 40, Belleview Land Co.

Percy Hubbard (deceased) to Toni Hubbard, lot 441 and part lot 440, Labelleview.

Herbert Fetty to Zachary McGrath, metes, Knox Township.

Colette Lucas to Larry Zapolnik, lot 7, Brady Estates Plan 1.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 80 to Ohio Motor Group Properties LLC, part lot 2, Ross Second.

Bergholz Church of Christ to GCC Real Estate Ventures LLC, lots 13-15 and part lot 16, Allen’s First.

Thomas Clark (deceased) to Lois Clark, metes, Springfield Township.

Axess Medical Equipment Supply Service LLC to Richard DeLuca and Kimberly Cline-DeLuca, lot 27 and part lot 28, Holdship’s First.

Richard DeLuca and Kimberly Cline-DeLuca to Capstone Development Group LLC, lot 14, Grandview Estates.

Gregory Parry (deceased) to Heather Parry, lots 35-37, Original Unionport.

Richard and Molly Snider to Shay Coach LLC, 3.9864 acres, Knox Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Wells Fargo Bank, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, lot 21, DS Allen’s First.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to US Bank, metes, Cross Creek Township; and metes, Steubenville Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to JP Morgan Chase Bank, lot 37, Highland View.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Fifth Third Mortgage Co., 0.944 acre, Salem Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal National Mortgage Association, 19,800 square feet, Cross Creek Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Fannie Mae, part lot 10 and lot 11, Dorian Heights.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to HSBC Bank, lot 10, Linduff Estates.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Fannie Mae, lot 301, Dixon Heights.

Faith Cole to Nathaniel Cole, lot 31, Steubenville Pottery Co. First.

Elizabeth and J. Mark Russell to Dalton Herzick, metes, Springfield Township.

Peter and Marguerite Bates to Brian and Rebecca Peckens, lot 67, Lawson Estates (survivorship).

Loretta Scott to Scott and Laurie Dennis, lot 20, Meadowbrook Manor (survivorship).

H4 Dynamics LLC to Tiffany Hubbard, lots 73-75, Buena Vista.

Rita and Jerome Carubia to Matthew and Kayla Shreve, lot 10, Sunrise Terrace (survivorship).

Nina Sapp to Joann Davis, 7.3638 acres, Knox Township.

Nina Sapp to Jeremiah Knox, metes, Knox Township.

Janet Recht (deceased) to Arthur Recht, part lots 1-2 and lot 3, Simmons & Foster; 3 acres, Cross Creek Township; and lot 91, Dixon Heights.

Richmond Mill Inc. to ALP Development LLC, lots 94 and 96, Buena Vista Heights.

Anthony Mining Co. to ALP Development LLC, lots 9-10, Cara Place.

Curtis O’Dell (deceased) to Linda O’Dell, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Everett Burkhead (deceased) to Mildred Burkhead, lots 13-14, Original Emerson.

George and Nancy Maine to Sheila Torrence and Sharon Kramarich, metes, Wayne Township.

Harbour Portfolio VII to SG Capital Partners LLC, 1.302 acres, Cross Creek Township.

SG Capital Partners LLC to Joshua Kerr, 1.302 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Leslie and Mark Dulkoski to Robert and Dollie Starkey, 0.883 acre, Salem Township (survivorship).

Robert Yanch (deceased) to Carrlin Brinkman, 1.0701 acres, Island Creek Township.