Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Mary Zeakes and others to Brandon McKim and Danielle Dagrava, lot 1, Medill’s Third (survivorship).

Pail Balthazor (deceased) to Edward Balthazor, lot 9, Kithcart & Cole Third.

Ricardo Ricchetti to Kathleen Ricchetti, lot 38, Century Hills.

Linda Wilson to Patrick and Beth Warner, lots 117 and 126, Ross Park Realty (survivorship).

Roger Watts and others to Donna Chichick, lot 29, Mary Ann Place.

Arnell Bowser to Terrance Dobbins Jr., part lot 20, McNeil’s Heirs.

Ryan and Megan Roupe to Tammy Davis, lot 152, Jefferson Saltsman Sixth.

Huntington National Bank to Jennifer Parissi, lot 233, Manhattan.

James and Lorrie Raymond to Rebecca and James Lackey, 3.092431 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Michele and William Braley to Caleb and Lisa Anderson, lot 97, Norman’s Addition (survivorship).

Joshua and Sherry Lewis to Kathy Kersey, part lot 1, Dawson & Thomas.

David and Emma Anderson to Thomas and Janice Gardner, lot 90, Crestview Manor Third (survivorship).

Charles and Carmelita Clark to David and Emma Anderson, Unit 4372, Steeple Chase (survivorship).

Linda Bowers to Robert Lewis Jr., 0.441 acre, Knox Township.

David and Carol Barlow to Robert Fox, metes, Knox Township.

Betty Ralston to Linda and Bryan Zack, 0.367 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Brian and Jill Bissett to Michael and Kimberly Sponseller, lot 189, Country Club Estates (survivorship).

Linda Wilson to Property Guys LLC, lot 7, Ben Smith’s; and 0.134 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Theodore Lopushansky (deceased) to Penny Davis and others, metes, Steubenville Township.

Richard Barnes (deceased) to Colleen Barnes, 0.625 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Sara Wright to Brian Wyatt, 1.3 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Daniel and Victoria Filtz to Michael and Jamie Francis, lot 70, Beverly Hills.

Brilliant Sand Co. to Gary Kessler, 0.7504 acre, Wells Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to US Bank, lot 100, Beverly Hills.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 1.239 acres, Knox Township.

Renee Taylor to Travis Taylor, 5.679 acres, Wayne Township.

Angeline Sanderson to Thomas Brown, lot 12, Watson & Thomasson First.

Theresa Jacobs and others to Village of Empire, part lot 4, Original Empire.

Doris Vinci (deceased) to US Bank, lots 5-6, Schneider.

Deborah Gibson (deceased) to John Gibson, lot 16, Sunny Acres.

Marty Stupak Jr. and others to Kelli Spence, lots 50-51, Walkers.

Ryan Chappano and others to Shannon Marchionda, lots 26-27, Sunrise Terrace No. 2.

Roger and Vicki Baker to Homer Critser, metes, Mount Pleasant Township.

Raymon Gedra to Dennis and Sherry Stowe, 1.003 acres, Brush Creek Township.

Dayle Zimmerman (deceased) to Carolyn Zimmerman, lots 39-40, Original Knoxville; and lot 15, Myers.

Ann Shorac (deceased) to Samuel Shorac Jr., lot 27, Becker Highlands; metes, Cross Creek Township; and part lot 2 and lots 3, 5 and 7, Andrews Second.

Michael Button (deceased) to Margaret Button, 21.8 acres, Knox Township; lots 11 and 27, Homewood Park.

Margaret Button (deceased) to Eugene Button and others, 21.8 acres, Knox Township; and lots 11 and 27, Homewood Park.

Michelle Cook (deceased) to John Cook, lot 1, Lee Heights.

Timothy and Lori Brake to Michael Shank and Brittany Sperlazza, lot 62, Crestview Manor (survivorship).

Charlotte Gretchen (deceased) to Patrick Gretchen and Paulette Ludwig, 1.557 acres, Smithfield Township.

JJ Detweiler Enterprises Inc. to Lawrence and Amy Goodlan Jr., 6.06 acres, Smithfield Township.

Lloyd Chick Jr. (deceased) to Vicki Safell, metes, Warren Township.

John Palmer (deceased) to Peggie Palmer, 7.802 acres, Island Creek Township.

Rose Bell (deceased) to Jeff Hilt, 0.894 acre, Smithfield Township.

James Wiley and others to Lois Wiley, 0.5 acre, Knox Township.

Patrick and Beth Warner to James and Lorris Copeland, lot 126, Ross Park (survivorship).

Teresa and Donald Tharp to Thomas and Carol Champion, metes, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Charles Kahn Jr. to Ohio Department of Transportation, metes, Wells Township.

Real estate transfers

]The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Carole Biggio to Kyle McKenna, lots 49-51, John Spahn’s First (survivorship).

James Wood Jr. and others to Albert and Carol Viltro J., lot 19, Deborah Manor (survivorship).

Edward Yoder to Joe and Alma Miller, 8.266 acres, Ross Township (survivorship).

John Truluck to Shawna Lowry, metes, Island Creek Township.

Stella Rutkowski (deceased) to Karen Vojvodich and Anthony Rutkowski, lot 25, Elisha Potter Addition.

Wayne Reidy (deceased) to Maxine Reidy, 1.05 acres, Island Creek Township.

Andrew and Sadie Bungard to Kristina and Brandon Pegg, 10.381 acres, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Regina Grygo and others to Rick and Madalyn Elliott, 0.1616 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Betty Klein (deceased) to Rick and Madalyn Elliott, 0.1616 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Patrick and Wendy Cutri to Ray and Debra Hatcher, 0.0741 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Ronald Downen (deceased) to Melody Downen and Candy Millhorn, 2.272 acres, Salem Township.

Gary Wharton to Extreme Contracting LLC, 126.3813 acres, Wells-Warren Township; and 19.2785 acres, Warren Township.

Housing & Urban Development to John Geddis, part lots 21-22, Banfield Improvement.

William Kuzmich and others to Jessica Cooper, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Joseph and Christine Wilson to Property Guys LLC, lot 59, Beverly Hills.

Myra Ronevich and Rosemary Bayliss to Randyne and Gloria Roberts, lots 163-164, Carothers (survivorship).

Huntington National Bank to Housing & Urban Development, lot 35, North Hill.

Anthony Sciaruto (deceased) to Edward Hoover, lots 12-14, McConnell’s proposed.

Huntington National Bank to Joseph and Paula Friona, lot 202, Lincoln Heights (survivorship).

Cal Steuben Limited Partnership to Tri State Limited Partnership, 9.271 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Tri Capital Investments Group to 1524 Oregon LLC, lot 5, Ben Smith Subdivision.

Diana Denholm to John Denholm, lot 49, St. John Heights.

Joseph and Christine Wilson Jr. to Carole Brownfield, metes, Island Creek Township.

Amy and John Pipo to Cathy Tucker, 1.698 acres, Island Creek Township.

Travis and Bonnie Hunt to Robert and Kayla Ferguson, 0.45 acre, Salem Township (survivorship).

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Cable Family Trust, lots 61-64, Lake Austin Development No. 1.

Joseph Bizzarri to Mary Bizzarri, lot 43, Jefferson Heights.

Wells Fargo Bank to Housing & Urban Development, lot 70, Steubenville Pottery Co. First.

William Kell (deceased) to Ralph Kell, part lots 26-27, West Park.

Florence Werntz (deceased) to Donald Zorne, part lot 2, Hannah Ollums.

Charlotte Flanagan (deceased) to Doris Breen, 15,660 square feet, Island Creek Township.

John Brown (deceased) to Tammy Brown, lot 14, Saltsman.

Terry Starr Revocable Trust to Adam and Morgan Starr, metes, Knox Township (survivorship).

Deborah Gainnaris and others to Charles Grew Sr. and Charles Grew Jr., 1.9863 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

George and Catherine Bobish to Lenny and Nancy Starcher, 0.3924 acre, Warren Township (survivorship).

Terry and Kelly Zelek to Tony Zelek, lots 127, 129 and 131, Original Mount Pleasant.

James Kovalcik (deceased) to James J. Kovalcik and others, lot 3, Co-Op Transit.

Janet Bell-Folda and Charles Folda to Kevin and Rebecca Nelles, 0.9904 acre, Steubenville Township.

Susan and Jon Greiner to Leslie McCartney, lots 10-11, HH Smith First.

Kathleen Ricchetti to Richard Ricchetti, lot 39, Century Hills.

John Creek (deceased) to Constance Blackwell, lot 105, Becker Highlands.

Shawn and Valerie Irwin to Danielle Weidger, part lots 10-11, TW Stocks.

Linda Wilson to Wintersville Properties LLC, 0.395 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Mary and Scott Owen to Serena Hornick, lot 80, Sunset Gardens.

Carol Slowikowski (deceased) to James and Mary Brannon, 0.3306 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Herbert Agar to Wayne and Edith Rector, metes, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Huntington National Bank to Michael Hinerman, 1.951 acres, Knox Township.

David and Nancy Bednarek to William Workman III, 2.0578 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Patrick and Joyce Irwin to Vince Kuntz and James Still, lot 11, Banfield Improvement.

Glen Wiltshire to Nathan Ford Sr. and Donna Ford, 1.002 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Bruner Land Co. to Stephen Davis, metes, Mount Pleasant Township.

Wesley Corbett to Katherine and Alexander Kaplan, 40 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Quinlan Corbett and Christina Axelsen to Katherine and Alexander Kaplan, 40 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Wells Fargo Bank to Bruce Gault, lot 110, Ross Park Realty.

Darren and Eva Pinkerton to Pinkerton Rentals LLC, lot 63, Altamont; lot 66, Silver Stream Knolls; 0.119 acre, Cross Creek Township; and 0.0562 acre, Steubenville Township.

Lester Rawson to Henry Sheets Jr., 14,243 acres, Knox Township.

Deborah Firm to Fred King, 0.1342 acre, Knox Township.

Robert Leonard Jr. (deceased) to Glenda Leonard, lot 12, Belvedere.

Christina Taylor and others to Tracy Anderson, 8.5466 acres, Wayne Township.

Tracy Anderson and others to Benny and Christine Taylor Jr., 8.5229 acres, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Margaret McGinnis to Esther Wojiechowski, 0.187 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Glenn and Joan Zeyer to Glenn Zeyer, 0.5044 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Trina Thweatt to James and Cheryl Kinney, part lot 30 and lot 31, Original Richmond (survivorship).

Sabrina and John Winland to Kaylyn Lucas, metes, Wayne Township.

Gladys Westover (deceased) to Joan Westover, 1 acre, Island Creek Township.

Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Adolph Poplowski (deceased) to Inez Poplowski, lot 622, Labelleview.

Richard Mazik (deceased) to Mark Mazik, part lot 38 and lot 39, Wilson McKee’s First.

Margaret and Stanley Harasick to Mark Mazik, part lot 38 and lot 39, Wilson McKee’s First.

John Buzzard and Terese Zapor to Clykel Inc., lots 72-73, Mariedale.

Jeannette Torok and others to Eugene Bartik, 1.998 acres, Smithfield Township.

Bloomingdale First Church of God to Ohio Ministries of the Church of God Inc., metes, Wayne Township.

Ohio Ministries of the Church of God Inc. to Hunthavens LLC, 0.7888 acre, Wayne Township.

Sonja Mullen to William and Sonja Mullen, 2.02 acres, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Adam and Dusty Wade to Derek and Amber Wade, 1.97 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Richard Gavorcik to Jeffrey Woods, 0.312 acre, Smithfield Township.

Donald Creamer Jr. to Sheldon and Becky Hill, 3.506 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Ronbob Rentals LLC to Bridget Desimone, lot 155, Labelleview.

Thomas Boychan Sr. (deceased) to Eleanor Boychan, lot 240, Country Club Estates.

Elmer Hennen (deceased) to Belva Hennen, lots 12-14, Schwalda Heights.

Samuel and Lois Pate to Hill Avenue Holdings LLC, 0.331 acre, Steubenville Township, 0.22262 acre, Cross Creek Township; lots 80, 83-85 and 94, John Gray; and part lot 5, Matthew Nicholson Addition.

John Davis (deceased) to Betty Davis, 3.017 acres, Smithfield Township.

Janice Yeaman to Samuel and Jacqueline Quillen, lot 9, Dana Lynn (survivorship).

Edward and Mable Hudson to David and Jennifer McBane, lots 11-12, Lake Austin Development (survivorship).

Betty Klein (deceased) to Frederick Hayes, part lots 13-15 and lots 16-20, Willow Bank Farm; and 0.1647 acre, Island Creek Township.

Regina Grygo and others to Frederick Hayes, part lots 13-15 and lots 16-20, Willow Bank Farm; and 0.1647 acre, Island Creek Township.

Betty Klein (deceased) to Ronald and Donna Suder, lots 1-3, 9-10 and part lot 11, Willow Bank Farm (survivorship).

Regina Grygo to Ronald and Donna Suder, lots 1-3, 9-10 and part lot 11, Willow Bank Farm (survivorship).

Daniel Davis to Christopher and Kimberly Thomas, 2.157 acres, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Palmina Albarano (deceased) to Theresa Mosblack and Anthony Albarano, part lot 235, Pleasant Heights.

Donna Hill (deceased) to George Hill, lots 69-70, Manhattan.

Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Virginia Riggs to Gary Keister Jr. and Amber Spaulding, metes, Springfield Township.

Edward and Julie Stacey to Michael and Marion Schuck, 2.369 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

John Courtright (deceased) to Diane Courtright, 4 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Scott Wallace and others to Larry Black, 7.478 acres, Springfield Township.

Archangel Living Trust to Carol Joyce, lot 42, John Spahn’s First.

Housing & Urban Development to Matrix Financial Services Corp., lot 1, Lincoln Terrace.

Misty Pagett to Philip and Shannon Gilcrest, 0.722 acre, Island Creek Township.

Aaron Meeker to Mary Meeker, part lot 160, Pleasant Heights.

William Conn (deceased) to Helen Conn, metes, Salem Township.

Sharon Koehnlein (deceased) to William Koehnlein, metes and metes, Island Creek Township; and lot 75, Beechwood No. 2.

Michael Shutak to Kenneth O’Hara, lot 67, Wallace Heights No. 2.

Timothy Walters to Timothy and Kimberly Walters, lots 62-63, Beechwood No. 2 (survivorship).

Hubert Terry Jr. (deceased) to Christy Terry, lot 26, Lawson Estates.

Donald Thomas to William and Debra Straka, 3.06 acres, Island Creek Township.

Donna Granatir (deceased) to Andrew Granatir, metes, Cross Creek Township; metes, Island Creek Township; metes, Steubenville Township; lot 64, Saltsman Fourth; part lot 3, Annie Carlyle; part lots 1-2, Beall & Steele; lot 16, Simmons & Foster; lots 2-4, HH Smith First; and part lot 73 and lots 133, 428 and 614, Labelleview.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Edward and Tammy Ring, lot 59, Glen Robbins Lower Allotment (survivorship).

Deanna Downen (deceased) to Ronald Downen, 2.272 acres, Salem Township.

Daniel and Leigh Hall to Rosemary Minch, lot 6, Skyview.

Nicholas Smarrella Jr. and others to Victoria Jones, lot 21, Lawson Estates.

Thomasine Flowers to Lori Flowers, lot 24, Eastview.

Shawn Wells to Ohio Department of Transportation, 0.088 acre, Wells Township.

Eric Shoemaker to Susan Shoemaker, lot 44, Original Tiltonsville.

Susan Shoemaker and Joseph Valle to Ronald and Beth Koontz, lot 44, Original Tiltonsville (survivorship).

Floyd Ellis (deceased) to Dorothy Ellis, 1 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Dorothy Ellis to Valerie Schuerer, 1 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Megan Gump to Samuel and Ruth Freshour, lot 34, Glendwell (survivorship).

Marie Brobston to Vanessa Mader, lot 15, Beverly Hills Seventh.

Anna Wszeborowski to Nancy and David Bednarek, 2.08 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Brian and Tina Wimer to Brian Wimer Jr., 46.38 acres, Saline Township.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Frank and Rebecca Davis, 0.31 acre, Steubenville Township.

Clara Miller to John Miller, metes, Island Creek Township.

Boyd Family Revocable Trust to William Boyd, 0.729 acre, Smithfield Township.

John Watson (deceased) to Amber Watson, lots 5-6, Eastview.

George and Yolanda Babella Sr. to Tammy Bednar, lot 2, Woodland Park Estates.

Donna Hill to Donna and George Hill, lots 69-70, Manhattan (survivorship).

Fannie Mae to Harbour Portfolio VII LP, lot 10, Original Dillonvale.

J. Donald Cooper and others to George and Ann Lindsay, metes, Smithfield Township.

Leslie Smith Irrevocable Trust to Steven and MaryAnn Moore, metes, Salem Township.

US Bank to Basis Investments LLC, 0.176 acre, Island Creek Township.

Douglas Tice (deceased) to Lisa Tice, lot 59, New Somerset.

Fannie Mae to Hughes Development Co, LLC, lot 100, Riverview Terrace.

Andrew and Connie Buydasz to Mary Allietta, lot 41, Brentwood Estates Second.

John and Emal Westling to First National Acceptance Co., part lots 55-56, Original Brilliant.

Camillo and Maria Pittera to Nicholas and Anna Stewart, lots 532-533, Labelleview (survivorship).

Edward and Louise Lloyd to Third Bar Corp., part lots 175-176, Original Steubenville.