More than a salon at Vontries

STEUBENVILLE – Pat Bailey knows that just by analyzing a person’s foot it can show the ailments affecting other parts of the body, and she uses essential oils to help treat the entire body.

Bailey is opening Vontries Couture Salon & Apothecary at 739 N. Fifth St. on Monday.

Bailey’s pedicures begin with the first session being an hour-long evaluation of the feet with foot reflexology, the belief that pressure applied to specific points on the feet or hands benefits other parts of the body. The reflexology results will determine the types of essential oils and herbs that will be recommended to help ailments of the body, Bailey said.

Bailey moved to Steubenville from from Chicago several years ago and has worked at area salons.

Bailey said stress can be stored in the body’s organs and essential oils can release that stress. She sometimes uses sea salt to replenish minerals that can be low in amounts in the body.

Bailey, as an example, used bark from a tree growing in the rain forests of Brazil to make an essential oil that treats fungal infections on the toes.

Bailey was working as a cosmetician at a store in Chicago and attended training by the manufacturers of cosmetics, where the cosmeticians were taught everything about the products. She became interested in the individual ingredients, mainly the natural ingredients, and that got her making her own products with natural ingredients. She first tested the products to make sure they would work effectively.

“It was a necessity with my skin and my children’s skin,” she said.

Bailey has shipped her products all over the world through her website,

Bailey worked with nurses at a hospital in Chicago who were having skin problems because of the antibacterial lotions and alcohol used on the job. She developed a shea butter that treated the nurses’ hands.

Bailey also is an experienced dress and gown maker. She said she started making her own clothes at age 10 and then worked doing alterations. She started making prom and wedding gowns at age 15.

“I have a passion for gowns,” she said.

Bailey also makes and repairs vestments worn by clergy.

Bailey said she is part of a co-op that purchases ingredients for her products from all over the world. The co-op can get a better purchasing price, thereby lowering the cost of her products.

Aromatherapy is the science of aromas. The oil, whether it be breathed or applied to the skin, reacts with the body for a healing effect. She said the fastest way for the body to absorb the positive effects of the oil is to apply it to the feet. Therefore, Bailey will add a drop or two of the oil to the pedicure water.

Bailey said mankind centuries ago knew the proper remedies of the land. But she said modern man has built over many of the places where natural healing items were harvested. She said the prior generations that knew home remedies are no longer with us.

She noted she has had published articles in trade magazines about her products.

She is know for her manicure work, especially sculptured nails. She once was ranked 21st in the country in sculptured nails competition and 27th in the world. She said she sculpts a nail from scratch to make it look like a natural nail.

“You can’t tell the difference,” she said.

Vontries Couture Salon & Apothecary can be contacted at (740) 314-0106. It is located in the former Simon Sez Beauty Salon.

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