New bladder procedure offered

WEIRTON – A Weirton Medical Center physician is offering a new procedure to help women suffering the embarrassing effects of an overactive bladder.

Dr. Tina Cutone of Weirton Medical Center’s All About Women Health Associates is the only Weirton gynecologist currently offering a treatment known as InterStim Therapy.

InterStim Therapy is a proven therapy that targets the communication system between the brain and the nerves that control the bladder to defend against incontinence when medications have not worked.

Cutone said InterStim offers many benefits, including freedom from the embarrassment of leaks and fewer interruptions during sleep. It uses mild electrical pulses to stimulate the nerves that control the bladder and muscles related to urination through a neurostimulator placed in the buttock area under the skin.

“It really is remarkable how effective this therapy has been for my patients,” she said. “The therapy has been largely successful and is generally effective for about 80 percent of those experiencing incontinence, so it really is a life-changer for so many. We are proud to be able to provide this procedure and therapy to our patients.”

Cutone says in order for her to determine if InterStim Therapy is right for her patients, she conducts a complete examination followed by a three-day test-run of the therapy. During that trial period, patients are asked to log their experiences with the stimulator, after which Cutone will determine if the therapy is right for patients.

For information, call All About Women at (740) 284-7000.