Municipal court

The following cases were cleared, court costs added, in Steubenville Municipal court with Judge John Mascio presiding:

Naomi Yelich, 31, Rear 3106 Orchard St., Weirton, defective brakes, $50, attempted drug abuse, drug paraphernalia, falsification, 28 days in jail, no license, $100, no registration light, $25;

Sincere N. Herring, 18, 210 Richland St., possession of marijuana, to complete diversion program; Jodi Walters, 56, 1219 Oregon Ave., petit theft, 10 days in jail suspended, $200; Megan L. Yoders, 23, 305 Cedar Ave., two counts petit theft, $450, possession of marijuana, $100;

Amanda M. Elder, 32, Steubenville, probation violation, 15 days in jail; Patricia N. Force, no age listed, 808 N. Eighth St., endangering children, 30 days in jail suspended, $250; Calista Henderson, 19, 612 Logan Ave., Mingo Junction, petit theft, dismissed due to lack of cooperation of complainant, petit theft, resisting arrest, five days in jail, suspended license, three days in jail, failure to display plates, $50; Maurice R. Hines, 30, 340 Orchard Place, Wintersville, violation of protection order, dismissed due to lack of cooperation of complainant; Jevalya A. Houst, 55, 1312 Park St., open container, $100; Jeffrey L. Jones, 54, Apartment 3, 214 N. Fourth St., suspended license, $250; William Lebanno, 45, 808 N. Eighth St., endangering children, 30 days in jail suspended, 24 hours community service; David M. Mantegna, 28, 5396 county Road 43, Toronto, suspended license, $200; Courtney D. O’Connor, 26, 1416 Ridge Ave., OVI, three days in jail suspended, driver intervention program, $375, 180 day license suspension, suspended license, $200; James C. Richards, 38, 115 Madison Ave., Mingo Junction, expired license, $50; Toby L. Smith, 33, Apartment 205, 707 Market St., assault, dismissed upon lack of cooperation of complainant; Danielle M. Thompson, 27, 1819 Plum St., criminal mischief, eight days in jail; and Kaija A. Tiihonen, 20, 275 S. Fifth St., suspended license, $250;

Courtney S. Brautigam, 32, 112 Madison Ave., Mingo Junction, attempted drug abuse, petit theft, one day in jail, failure to notify police of concealed carry permit, $250; Antwan D. Brown, 40, 210 Wilma Ave., drug possession, one day in jail, $100; Chris M. Popovich, 41, 119 Greenlawn Blvd., Weirton, two counts petit theft, 60 days in jail, $500; Robert R. Burch III, 21, Apartment 7, 900 Fifth St., Brilliant, possession of marijuana, three days in jail suspended.