Campus news

University of Dallas Andrew Mitch and Elizabeth Mitch of Toronto and Sophia Kanzelberger of Steubenville were named to the spring dean’s list ...

EORH intends to reopen BirthPlace

MARTINS FERRY — Although the project is several months overdue, East Ohio Regional Hospital still plans to reopen its birthing center. “We do intend to reopen ...

Ribbon cutting

Family, friends and the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce helped with the ribbon cutting Tuesday at Steubenville Tailorings & ...

Put safety first as schools open

A reminder to all drivers — be mindful of children and teens as area schools are, or soon will be, back in session. As drivers, we now need to be extra vigilant ...

Way to justice must be found

No choice but for Strzok to be fired

Royalty in kingdom of order remorse

Better Half and I have a lot in common, including the fact that we’re very good at what I call “order remorse.” This is a condition that apparently is not ...

Get ready for football

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Today’s poll

Do you believe the jury will find Paul Manafort guilty?

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